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Animal Centre

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The Animal Centre is based in the East Woods and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere gives the opportunity to see animals well cared for in a happy environment, and provide an enjoyable and educational visit.

Alice, the donkey, is a great favourite and enjoys a chat with visitors. In the paddock, you will find unusual breed of sheep and the poultry section has numerous colourful and eye-catching examples of bantams, ducks and geese. The regal Buff Orpingtons, a breed kept by the Queen Mother, take pride of place.

Inside the Animal Centre there are small animals such as rabbits. Daisy, the wooden cow, is used by both adults and children to try their hand at milking. There is an incubator on display and a brooder with newly hatched cute chicks, ducklings or goslings.

Special feed is available to buy at the Animal Centre so you can feed the chickens and sheep. 

Safety and hygiene are of paramount importance.

We hope that you enjoy visiting all the animals and learning about them in the Centre.  You can also donate to the upkeep of the animals while you are visiting - any addition to our donation box, big or small, is greatly appreciated.