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The Granary Lodge: A Brief History

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A Brief History

The Granary was included in the sale of The Castle of Mey, purchased by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother in 1952.

The original building, where Rooms 1, 2 & 3 and Suites 9 & 10 can now be found, dates from the late 17th Century, with the complex of accommodation and garages attached to the north elevation added in the early 20th century, where Rooms 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are located.

Use of the Granary

In its early days, the Granary was a three storey multipurpose agriculture building. The upper floors were used to store grain. The building was once the collection point of the threshed grain grown by the tenants of the Estate of Mey. As well as a grain store and stables, this building was used to store agricultural implements, such as carts, ploughs, harrows and the relevant tackle.

In more recent times, this front part of the Granary was then used as garages to house cars used by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, with the rear being used to store fuel. The accommodation section, now housing Rooms 7 and 8, was then used by The Queen Mother’s chauffeur and staff.

Following the death of Her Majesty in 2002, under the ownership of The Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust, an animal centre was created in The Granary. This closed prior to the first phase of the building’s redevelopment in 2016, when it was moved to a new facility beyond the East Garden.

Sustainability and Accessibility

During the redevelopment and extension of the Granary, where possible, local materials have been used to great effect, particularly the fantastic Caithness flagstone for wall cladding, dykes and landscaping. An air source heat pump provides clean energy for heating and hot water.

With the majority of bedrooms at ground floor level, including a large fully accessible suite in Room 8, and the reception being completely step-free, ease of access has been a key consideration from the outset.

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